Garage Sale Tip information:

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You are responsible for setting up all of your items on your own Driveway

Start accumulating the items you want to sell in one location. Remember one person’s
trash is another person’s treasure. Even if you think Aunt Edna’s crocheted orange
toilet seat cover deserves to go in the trash, it may be the first thing that sells. As you
accumulate stuff for your sale, make sure you do not sell something that you’ll regret
later. Do not sell anything without the owner’s approval. (Example: your grown
children’s toys, baseball card collections, etc.)

• When selling clothes (and coats) take a minute to go thru the pockets. How many
times have you found $5 in your pants pocket?
• Keep house doors shut and locked if the sale is outside.
• When pricing items, the rule of thumb is 1/3 of what it cost new. However this is only
a guideline.
• If you still have the original boxes and instruction manual for an item, you can
probably charge a little bit more for it.
• Place similar items close to each other. Dust off, polish or vacuum the better quality
items. They will sell faster and for a higher price if they are clean.
• Mark anything not perfect “AS IS” and price accordingly.
• Display your more interesting items close to the road. Some people will just drive by
slowly and take a quick peek to see if it looks worthwhile to stop. If it looks like an
unorganized pile from the road, chances are, buyers won’t bother to stop.
• Items such as tools, lawn equipment, weights, electronics etc are good to encourage the
men to stop as they are driving by. It’s also smart to set up a small table with nothing
but “man things” (jars full of screws, nails, bolts, washers etc).
You are responsible for setting up all of your items on your driveway
and having someone present from your household throughout the day.
• Be sure to place breakables toward the back of tables or higher for protection against
breakage. Remember parents may bring their children with them.
• Children’s clothing is generally easy to sell.
• It is nice to have prices on everything however when that isn’t possible signs are helpful.
Such as “all books .25 each or everything on this table a $1.00 each.” You can
also try grab bags of small toys.
• If you are selling electrical items, be sure to have an electrical source available,
possibly a long extension cord.
• Be prepared to haggle, so set your prices accordingly. Don’t allow anyone to
intimidate you. Be firm and don’t reply in an uneasy or uncertain tone.
• Don’t be a high-pressure salesperson. Give your buyers some freedom to look items
over, but be ready to answer questions if they ask.

• Be sure to have lots of change for your sale. Don’t forget lots of coins, dollars. If you
don’t, your first customer will be someone buying something for .50 with a $20 bill.
• Guard your money. Do not leave your money lying around in a box. If you don’t have
a portable cash box, a fanny pack or a carpenter’s apron is a good way to keep money
• Don’t accept checks.
• A good idea about making change: If someone gives you a large bill, leave the bill out
in view until after you have given them their change. Otherwise a dishonest person
could say afterwards “I gave you a $20 not a $10.” It would be your word against

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